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TelHoc provides BorregoDB which focuses on making it easy for you to find data while keeping it safe. You should be able to access data from wherever its stored and where ever you are. Your data may be stored in cloud, database, device or directly from a connection. We help you control how, how and where your data is located. You can let your customers stored their own privacy sensitive but let you access it when needed a controlled manner. Use it naturally scalable distributed database. Use it own your local machine, or use it in the cloud. It's up to you. Use our APIs to build powerful data storage, data delivery and communication apps, or secure your existing solution through simple integration or migration.

Use BorregoDB for your CDN content delivery needs. To get started see

BorregoDB for Secure Data Solutions

TelHoc database performance data
Connected database service
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Your data or database and connections are protected by encrypting everything before it ever leaves your computer, device or sensor. Using advanced cloud computing we connect you to your service in the most optimal way. You may not even have to connect to the Internet! Build you own cloud service.

Security for Data Devices


By using breakthrough encryption methods your data is always protected. You and only you will ever be able to access your data. Regain the trust of cloud storage providers by knowing that not even they can access your data. In the light of recent massive data thefts, your data is completely secure, even in the case of a massive data breach.

Secure Data for mobile devices


Access your data securely from anywhere and everywhere. Connect to your friends for realtime exchange of data, text, voice, video and files. You may not even have to connect to the Internet.

Exchange data with your friends without relying on your data plan.

Access data from anywhere in the world
Access Your personal data from anywhere

1. Secure Database Service

2. Secure Data Store

3. Secure Data Connections

Secure data wherever you are.

When encrypting and securing your data, we make sure that you are able to access this data in the most efficient way possible. If you frequently access your data via your local network, that is where your data should be. If your friends are nearby, you should be able to use the shortest possible connection, even bypassing your local access point or cellular station, all while securing your connection.


Secure data for mobile devices

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and distributed databases


Secure data for all devices

IT partner with a shared vision.

Mobility When using your mobile device, you should be able to access the data you need in the most efficient, least expensive and most energy efficient way possible. Our system makes sure the data is always secure, and available wherever you are. If your device is nearby other devices or system resources running our service, you may be able to connect directly, possibly without connecting to the Internet and utilize cellular data plans. All data and connections are encrypted, and protects your privacy. Identity end points are only every known by connection participants, so both you and your data are ensured complete privacy.


Cloud Computing By using advanced cloud computing concepts, you are able to scale your data store, CDN or database without sacrificing performance or security. Easily migrate and scale up your existing solution in minutes, or secure your existing database. Host your content on our network and we make sure it is available blazingly fast, wherver it may be accessed. Utilize our charge functions to bill your end users easily, and charge per item access or traffic.


Security We assume you have heard about all the recent data breaches at companies such as Apple, Target, Ebay, IRS, UPS, AOL, Anthem, Facebook, Yahoo etc. Are these companies protecting their data? Are they using encryption? Well, of course they are, but their systems are breached anyway. What we need is a method that ensures that your data is secured and protected even in the event of data breach. This is what TelHoc provides. Our system and services ensure that only authorized users will be able to access and retrieve data. Without your explicit authorization no one will be able to access or retrieve your data;  us included! This is unique because all data, including meta data, are encrypted before it ever leaves your appliction, software or system without requiring dedicated gateways, third party applications or specialized hardware.


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