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Connecting you securely wherever you are.

TelHoc is company started with the vision of enabling, securing and charging in ad hoc and wireless peer to peer networks. Based on years of research by the founding members, these type of networks presented many interesting challenges. This included the challenge of how to enable security, authentication, authorization even when access to an Infrastructure such as the Internet is not available. When creating these solutions, we also had to create secure data and database solutions, which in many cases had to be shared by many users which may not trust each other. These "public" databases had to ensure complete privacy and integrity not only from outside and potentially unauthorized access, but from each and everyone who access the system. 

Because Internet is such an integral part of the modern society, these services have been researched and developed further to expand into the Internet in order to provide a truly network.

We belive data services just be both very easy to use and easy to deploy, and with TelHoc it never has been easier. Our philosophy and vision is that of zero-conf. You should be able to quickly use our system, or deploy your own service on top of ours, with No installation, No configuration, No sign up, No deployment, and just get started. While a vision we strongly adhere to, advanced services that requires charging do require an chargable account being setup with minimal effort.


TelHoc Borrego is our secure data services that delivers and stores your data anywhere. Why Borrego? Because our system were designed to be used anywhere, and provide ad hoc networking services, it should be possible to use in desert areas. Desert areas such as the Anza Borrego desert in Southern California.



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